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The founder, Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike narrates her experience and adventures of being posted to the Northern Nigeria, Bauchi State, for her NYSC (National Youths Service Corps) programme in 2011.

Although at first she felt terrified, a lot of unrest were happening in the particular state where she had been posted to serve. The post election violence was on going, and gradually Boko Haram, the terrorist group began fierce operations in the North.

While in Bauchi, she survived an explosion which shattered half of the fence in the lodge where she lived. When others were terrified and immediately asked to be transferred for fear of their lives, she stayed behind to embark on a mission that will change the lives of an entire community for good, and also move her to tell an inspiring story to the young and old about the through meaning of service, love and patriotism.

She discovered the town of Bigi Tudun Wada, a village in far Bauchi with over 6000  people who had no access to clean potable water. The villagers drank from an oasis with cattle and other livestock. Their children died from various illnesses caused by bad water, and some of the villagers had serious health challenges arising from the usage of bad water.

She immediately sprung into action, got her project approved by the NYSC state coordinator, she sought for funding and partnership with water bodies to collaborate with her on this project.

She sank the first borehole water pump for the community. The borehole was commissioned by her excellency, Hadjiya Issa Yuguda, the wife of the (former) Bauchi State Governor in October 2011.

Her works earned her the name; “ Lady Haske” which means Light in Hausa. Indeed she brought light to the community of Bigi Tudun Wada.

She also earned a Chieftaincy title; Sarkin Ayuka which means Chief of works. She also renovated a school’s library, donated books and chairs, and also re-equipped an empowerment centre. All these she did within her one year stay in Bauchi. She was also awarded the best youth Corper award.

On returning to Lagos in 2012, she wrote a book, The Girl Who Found Water. This wonderful book which is a compilation of her service year experience, has inspired more NYSC members to be more socially responsible to take up life changing projects.

In a bid to continue to solve more water problems in Nigeria, she founded Haske water aid and empowerment foundation. Together with her team, Haske foundation has been able to touch the lives of over 12,000 people in rural communities in Nigeria by providing clean potable water.

Haske foundation is committed to keep on shining as light  and giving hope to the vulnerable people in our country Nigeria.


To make clean potable water accessible to all rural communities in Nigeria who have no access to clean potable water. To ensure children stay in school to learn and not to travel long distances to get water for the family. To empower more socially responsible men and women who will embrace service and humanity as a cure to Nigeria’s ailing body. To speak and defend the rights of the Girl Child.


To become a globally acclaimed and renowned Non profit organization, known for improving the lives of people in Rural communities in Nigeria.
To become a force to reckon with as regards trust, accountability and empowerment.



This has been the bedrock of our foundation. We are constantly propelled by passion to save lives of people in Rural communities who fall ill and contract diseases due to bad water. Clean potable water is the solution for all.


Empowerment means Independence. When you empower people, you teach them to be problem solvers who can take charge of their destiny. Through our NYSC impact Outreach, we have been able to help Corps members who have in turn touched the lives of people by empowering them.


We know that water is life ! Our work at Haske Water Aid and Empowerment Foundation makes us advocates for water, empowerment, gender equality and enlightenment, and girl child empowerment.


We mentor and support NYSC members in Nigeria who wish to take up water projects. "We believe that if we wish to go far, we must go with others'' you can join our outreach today.

Donate To Save Their Education

Most children in rural communities walk over 4 hours on foot to fetch water. As a result of this, lack of access to clean water has disrupted the interest of these children in education.

Lack of potable water influences:

  • Food

  • Education

  • Health

Give Water, Give Education

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Your donation can provide life to a community in need of water in Nigeria. Let’s give them hope.

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