Over the past few years, we have been so glad to be part of your life, giving your the best we can, with what we know how to do best WATER! In 2019 beyond creating boreholes, water channels and other source of impact that we have been privileged to bring to you and share with you, we want to bring you information and help you with re-orientation as it regards WASH. 

In Nigeria, only 61% of the households have access to an improved source of drinking water, with a much higher proportion among urban households (76%) than among rural households (49 %). The most common source of improved drinking water in Nigeria is tube well or borehole water used by 44% of urban households and 32% of rural households. Approximately, 13% of urban households and 10% of rural households have access to drinking water from protected wells. Use of sachet water which is included as a non-improved source of drinking water, is also common in Nigeria with a higher use in urban areas than rural areas (NDHS 2013).

In 2019 via our blog we shall use this medium to orientate, re-orientate and guide you through WASH – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. There is more water can do that is being underestimated and there is more that we can do using water! Kindly stay connected for more interesting updates, and feel free to send us questions as we embark on this journey to being more productive with water and making water more productive for life and living. 

Happy 2019!!!!!
Haske Team

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