Project Scope

This report covers activities undertaken from ; January to December 2018.

Project impact partners

In a bid to spread the impact and advocate for  “clean potable water for all”, we partnered with the following individuals, their names are outlayed below. We provided funding and technical support for these projects.

  1. Aaron Benjamin.
  2. Prince Daniel.
  3. Chetachi Ifeanacho.
  4. Anthony Obong.
  5. Illiyasu Yambam


Aaron Benjamin

We partnered with Aaron  to execute  water project in in L.E.A. Primary School, Ayenajeyi, Karu. Abuja over 900 pupils benefited from this project.

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Prince Daniel 

 We found portable drinking water at Daurawa after 32 years of drinking with cows we partnered with him to bring an end to the community’s water problems. Over 1000 people benefited from this project

Below are the pictures of the projects, taken a year after.

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Chetachi Ifeanacho Daniela 

She discovered that the community had no source of water apart from a stream which flows during the rainy season and dries up as soon as the dry season begins. Cattle also drank from the same stream which the community drank from, this resulted to different sicknesses and deaths in the community.

She wrote to us about giving the community a hand pump borehole, and we supported her cause. 2000 people benefited from this project of Kpanyi Kpanyi community Abuja

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Anthony Obong 

Anthony, upon his arrival at Opolo community, Yeneogoa Bayelsa Nigeria. He discovered that the community had no clean drinking water. He wrote to us expressing his intentions to embark on a hand pump water project for the community, we partnered with him to spread impact to over 1000 people. 

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Iliyasu Yambam
Repair of hand pump bore hole at Tudun Malamai Zamfarawa Road Dan-Dutse ward Funtua L.G.A. this project benefited 1000 people.

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On behalf of the entire members of the Haske Team, i say a big thank you, you made 2018 a great year of spreading impact.

Cheers ! to an awesome 2019.


Chibuzor Azubuike.
for the HWAEF Team.