Chiadi’s Pain; Part 1

Haske Water-aid and empowerment Foundation Water Story telling series Chiadi part 1 Haske Water-aid and Empowerment Foundation Water Story telling series Chiadi part 1


Chiadi was a girl in the Eastern part of Nigeria who was born into a community that had no clean potable water. As she grew to become a young child of 5 she would hear her mum and dad talk and chit-chat on the situation of their water and how they have reached out to the government of their area to do something, but still got no luck and they were still. stuck with the situation of the water in their community.

Chiadi grew up having dirty coloured water as her only pure source of water. She didn’t understand what they were saying because she had never seen any water other than what she grew up with. Then her mum gave birth to another child, her junior brother, her most prized treasure. 
Chiadi took care of her brother and loved him with all her heart. She would get back from the lesson she was attending and run quickly to just carry and cuddle her brother. She was 7 when he was born and she couldn’t have asked for a better time to care for another human smaller than herself. Chiadi began to teach Chinedu everything she was learning from her Learning Centre, as she grew they begin to do more together. They would pray together, play together and even occasionally fight, one thing was sure, Chiadi didn’t joke with her junior brother and he like wise didn’t joke with his Sister. 

There was a time a fight broke out among some students of Chinedu’s class. They were going to almost kill him, the guys had conspired against him, flogging him so much that he was already bleeding. When Chiadi got news about the fight, she ran as fast as possible to his rescue
As she approached them, they were about to hit him with something heavy when she stood in the way… “Hit me instead” she said boldly crying, whatever he has done, put the punishment on me. Let me take his penance, I would take the beating. 
As the head of the leader saw how ready she was to take his place, he dropped the weapon and walked off with his gang. Tears was streaming from the eyes of everyone who was around and watched. They wondered how Chiadi still wanted to take his place without being selfish about her life. Chiadi took Chinedu home and he narrated how he had been caught eavesdropping on their conversation of executing someone one of the chiefs had asked them to on a property and land issue. His parents were glad that he was alive. 
“You know how notorious these guys are Chinedu, why? Why did you put yourself in such a situation?” Mama Chiadi said as she cleaned him up. 
Chinedu was now 11 and Chiadi 18 and as he thought back at that event, he was more than grateful to have his Sister. He went to meet her where she was cooking. ” I just thought of how you saved me from the Mbonu Boys some years back” 
I guess that makes me your Savior, she joked as they laughed together. Mama Chiadi was glad, they didn’t have much. They didn’t have all they wanted, but she was glad that they had each other and for her, having each other was more than enough. 
To be continued in part 2


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